Alicia Hunter

Meet Alicia Hunter


Alicia Hunter is passionate about sharing her insights and talents with individuals and groups to ensure that every person has the opportunity to live a happy, and healthy life, physically, mentally and spiritually. The Ayurvedic tradition sees the human as a dynamic system where every aspect of life has the potential to affect all other aspects, Alicia embraces this holistic concept and has great hope to bring awareness of these connections to all her clients. She feels that by embracing the holistic ties between mind body and spirit individuals have a greater opportunity to lead fulfilling, happy, and productive lifestyles.  Alicia has a keen sense of detecting in individuals the area of their lives that are weaker or deficient and thus causing the rest of the life to suffer, and address this area to provide what is needs to flourish more harmoniously.  She feels that we can all benefit from examining our lifestyle and habits, with a non-judgmental attitude, to observe what aspects we can change to promote wellness within our individual human system and in turn the rest of our lives.

Alicia has been involved in the field of therapeutic massage for nearly a decade and sees it as an effective role in relieving the physical stress that we acquire through daily life.  Alicia graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, and is insured and licensed through the Massachusetts Board of Massage Therapy. Her role as a massage therapist lead her to discover Craniosacral Therapy and Ayurvedic and Yogic philosophy, which she feels addresses more of the causes of the stresses we hold within our bodies. She feels that Craniosacral therapy has greater potential to relieve the source of tensions within the bodies of certain individuals, not just the symptom of pain. Craniosacral therapy has been explained to be more effective than standard massage by many clients, and has helped with many ailments beyond and including the physical.   Ayurveda looks at every individual’s whole system of body mind and spirit, and provides powerful tools for effective whole body health and wellness.

Alicia Hunter  has completed  training  and is well versed in Ayurvedic yoga, nutrition, psychology, and will complete her Ayurvedic practitioner training in June through New World Ayurveda. She is in the process of certification through the world renowned Upledger Institute in Craniosacral therapy. She has completed apprenticeships with Valley Ayurveda, Wild Spirit Herbals has completed the Ashtanga Immersion program and continues to study Health and Spirituality through New World Ayurveda. Alicia’s primary mentors include  Brooksley Williams of Valley Ayurveda, Michelle Ryan of Ashtanga Yoga Northampton, Brian Thayer Craniosacral Therapist, and Arianna Waite of Wild Spirit Medicines, along with studying with many gifted specialists throughout the years of her career.

Alicia’s own path through adversity has contributed to her desire to help people to discover their own internal dimension of happiness. She developed anxiety, depression, and relentlessly painful eczema due to the world view that modern society unconsciously promotes. The sensitivities that brought on the qualities that were once judged to be negative now act as great assets for her practice, and her ability to help others.  Through diligence, inner hope and the support of many respected healers and mentors, Alicia now embraces the natural laws of the universe, to honor her talents, passions and find her unique path of what health and vitality mean and how to embrace the concept into modern living.  She embraces the lessons she has learned and hopes to share that wisdom to help clients find self empowerment to live their lives boldly, honoring their individuality. Helping individuals and groups to discover and be aware of the blessings provided by life is a passion of Alicia’s that drives her constant quest of self development to discover new tools to help people from all walks of life.  Please do not hesitate to contact Alicia with any questions about becoming a client. She will bring all her tools to the table to help support you in the most effective way possible whether it be through a  bodywork session, Ayurvedic living consultation to help with acute or chronic issues, or one on one yoga.


Alicia Hunter is an expansive healer who is passionate about guiding others toward their greatest, most fulfilled life. Even before graduating from massage school, Alicia had a keen understanding of the stressors in life . She was aware of the negative impact stress plays on optimal health and wellbeing. Experiencing illness herself as relentless eczema, forced her direction to discover clear health, and vitality. Her success lead her to realize an innate gift of healing that exists, and how to utilize it to aid in creating transformative experiences of greater health for others. While massage therapy opened the door, Alicia has learned delving into different approaches is key to unlocking many problems. Her approach provides opportunity to bring about balance and holistic health.

After graduating from Bancroft School of Massage therapy, Alicia has apprenticed under Brooksley Williams of Valley Ayurveda and studied with New World Ayurveda under Paul Dugliss, where she also learned heart based meditation. She has apprenticed under Adam Latin in Tarot and Astrology, and Tania Gabrielle in Numerology and Astrology. Blending these modalities together opens the doors to the heart and soul. She has experienced deeper connections and more understanding. Alicia believes we are all here on unique paths, and have free will to make choices that are best for each individual. When we are ready to take charge and make change and believe in it, there is no limit.

Living and working centrally in Northampton Massachusetts, Alicia Hunter celebrates the experience of life and being a mom and bunny owner. Swimming, biking, dancing, reading and art therapy with her family are her most fulfilling moments. When she is not preparing wonderfully nourishing food or furthering her education and spirituality, Alicia is honored to work with individuals to realize their greatest potential and truly live their dreams!

Contact Alicia Hunter at Hunter Green Healing with any questions you may have about what services she can offer you.