Learn how Ayurveda can bring your life into balance.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of health that focuses on three aspects of an individual,  physical, mental and personality. While modern western medicine aims to treat every individual as having the same characteristics and physical makeup, Ayurvedic practitioners take many aspects of the individual into account in any treatment plan. All three aspects of physical, mental and personality must be observed and analyzed to gain a total understanding of the health needs for an individual.

I aim to empower my  clients to take control of their physical and mental well-being, and use Ayurveda as a tool within my method. I feel we may all benefit from the consciousness that and ayurvedic lifestyle can bring to up. By being aware of our bodies and minds, and how our lifestyles bring us ease or disease. Ayurveda aims to assess our patterns of behavior and health, then bring attention to how we might change the negative patterns. It does this through a method of analysis that has been developed over thousands of years. l help clients  to find the patterns that may be holding them in a negative place by implementing my training and intuition. We work together and examine  diet, lifestyle, mental patterns, and personality. These aspects of the client’s life are looked at objectively without any judgment. We all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to our lifestyles, I empower clients to discover the magic within their lives by observing what is holding them in a negative pattern.

Ayurveda observes the negative patterns we all experience.

We all have negative experiences within our lives, there is not any way to get away from these things. We have the opportunity to grow from the negative experiences we have. We can grow beyond what we perceive to be negative patterns by observing them and learning why they happen. These negative patterns of thought and health may present themselves within the body or mind. They include but are not limited to;

  • health imbalances
  • emotional imbalances
  • overeating
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • body tension
  • addiction
  • inability to focus
  • feelings of being unmotivated
  • self doubt

These patterns all begin in either the mind or the body. We are all on a path to find self-actualization and these problems hold us back from finding personal fulfillment. By looking at the cause of these problems we can assess where the problem comes from, and how we may work together to change the pattern.

Ayurveda starts with the analysis of the client.

We all experience patterns of behavior that can be compared to those experienced by others. Humans  have  observed and studied these patterns of behavior and thoughts  for nearly  as long as there has been language. The study of psychology did not start in the recent past with western psychology but has existed for thousands of years. Psychology studies the patterns inherent within behavior and makes hypotheses based on the observations made.

Ayurveda also looks at the patterns of behavior and thought to understand how the organism interacts with the world around it. It has been observed that people who act a certain way in the external environment also experience similar illnesses within the body. This is not rejected by western medicine but embraced, for instance,  Stress has been proven to be correlated with high blood pressure. The mental stress that exists within our minds produces a physical,chemical, or electrical/energetic effect within our bodies.

You  all likely know or are the type of person who is always experiencing stress within their daily life. What other characteristics are similar between the type of person? This is where the Ayurvedic method of healing begins. What similarities can be examined between different personalities, and how do the patterns of health usually present themselves within that personality? There is a lot more to this than I can present here, but let me try to explain where I begin as a practitioner.

Recognizing  the Doshas in the personality in  Ayurveda.

The personality is broken into three components or Doshas,  Kapha, Pitta, and Vata respectively. Each person has each dosha in their personality to a  varying  degree, but we all favor certain characteristics of Kapha, Pitta, or Vata from birth. The Ayervedic method for analysis of personality takes note of how present each dosha is  within the full personality and bases treatment of an individual on this framework. A person with more Pitta present within their personality will display traits similar to other Pitta people. The same is true for the other personality descriptions. Over thousands of years of observation and treatment, it has been discovered how the presence of the doshas act while in balance and out of balance. Treatment starts by examining  the dosha that is out of balance to bring it to a more balanced and healthy state.  Ayurveda  aims to treat the dosha that is out of balance to bring it back into a fully functioning state. This is achieved with the help of a practitioner through medicine, diet, exercise, routines and contemplative practice.

Recognizing the Doshas in the physical body in Ayurveda.

The three doshas also present themselves in the physical body of systems, organs, and tissues. Each organ is said to be related to a dosha, or controlled by a dosha. A person with one personality may have some strengths and weaknesses within their personality and body. We may say a person who is high stress usually fits into one of the three personalities more than another. That high stress will present itself within certain organs in the body, and weaken it or strengthen it. That organ may then be said to be affected or governed by that specific dosha. Every organ in the body is affected by the dosha governing it. The personality and organs have strong correlations, therefore the practitioner can make observations between the personality and physical illness. These observations between personality and organ deficiencies  have been made over the past few thousand years in ayurvedic medicine. Modern western medicine is finally catching up to the observations made with the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

I will work with  clients to understand the way their physical, mental and personality characteristic interact to be in balance or out of balance. My goal is to help every client find the balance within their life through the use of Ayurvedic diet,medicine, yoga, massage, and craniosacral therapy. Please contact me if you would like to know more about Ayurveda and how it can help you to find true wellness.