Wild Plant Soda

This time of year especially cravings for a crisp refreshing drink to end the day come on. I like to stay away from alcohol for the most part because one beer usually turns into two the next day and three the following…. In the last herbal apprenticeship class we learned how to make soda! I was skeptical let me tell you. My fermentation skills have been just so so with some failed sauerkraut experiments. We used ground ivy plant material and by golly – it was crisp, full bodied, fizzy, sorta tangy, sorta sweet liquid! Soda! Super Cool!!!! Inspiration took hold to create a strawberry (yes oh my yes) soda. I was skeptical. Each day I thought that is was going to mold and not turn out right….oh but it did turn out like crisp, full bodied, sweet and a little tangy, fizzy liquid soda!!! Success!!!

Wild plant soda is incredible. You can take virtually anything….rose, violet, fruit berries, anything you see in your yard or that inspires you and create a delicious and enjoyable drink! I really hope you will come up with some creation that could change your life <3

Strawberry Wild Soda

Place two good hand fulls of plant material into 1-quart ball jar

Fill the jar with boiling water, leave about a 1/2 inch and cover until it cools so it’s still warm

Add 1/4 cup or RAW honey (important to have RAW for the fermentation process)

Cover and let it sit for 3-5 days

Stir it one or two times a day, then cover

Once there are bubbles let it remain one more day

Strain out plant and reserve the liquid into a sealed jar

Let sit for 3-4 days

The soda might smell a little off, but the soda should taste like soda.

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