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Do you suffer from pain, migraine, headaches or TMJ, stiffness, anxiety, short temperament, difficulty focusing, sleep difficulty and more fatiguing symptoms?

 Craniosacral therapy may help…

Craniosacral therapy involved very gentle manipulation of the fascia throughout the body by means of the nervous system.  Cranio frees restrictions allowing nerve signals to function optimally which allows more optimal and harmonious functioning of the body in whole resulting in clarity and a sense of ease of the mind and body.  This modality uses very light touch to listen to the cranial rhythm to assess where there may be restrictions deeply held in the body.  Treatment addresses those areas of restriction and supports and nourishes the central nervous system to improve overall health and well-being.  Craniosacral therapy resets the nervous system back to “rest and digest” from “fight or flight” and thus can be extremely relaxing.  After one session you will notice a greater sense of ease and relaxation, many clients report to be pain-free immediately after a session!

Craniosacral Therapy can be very helpful with emotional issues also.  Emotions that come into our sense of self move through our fascia via nerve signals and when we do not witness them or hold onto them and identify with the emotion it can become lodged in our physical being.  The action of cranio opens restrictions, allowing the body to open up around these areas of emotion to express the emotion and to digest it to let it move.  This again helps to feel freer in the body but it also helps to open space in the mind to move through times that are hard, times that feel stuck emotionally to embrace change in the life you are living.  Anxiety, learning difficulties, narrow thinking and more can also transform to open mental exploration and embracing life with more joy!

To learn more about Craniosacral Therapy I recommend The Upledger Institute website.

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