Mindful Embodiment

Are you feeling disconnected?  In this hectic world we are often lost from ourselves running around in our head thinking and worrying.  We often listen to advice from our external world, media, other people, ect and expect that it will serve us.  Do you ever listen to what your body or spirit is telling you?

Many of us from an early age have been taught a belief system that often leads us to ignore our inner calling.  This leads to confusion, frustration and fear that is not understood and deeply rooted.  Because our society is overly developed with media and other external distractions and opinions, it is a challenge to identify with and peel away limiting beliefs to get to our true identity which speaks to us through body and spirit.

Through Mindful Embodiment, we work together to soften the layers and get back in touch with our subtle energy body to re-establish a healthy connection.  This work is deeply relaxing and can provide extremely powerful and lasting overall health.  We begin with identifying and opening the chakras, then when appropriate, delving deeper in, to release old patterns and create harmony and balance.

Hunter Green Healing

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