Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage has been used and embraced as part of a holistic approach to health for thousands of years in many different societies. The ancient wisdom of the past has been embraced within modern western medicine for the major health benefits it provides as a safe and effective practice for most people. We live in a high stress, fast paced world and the healing power of massage can do much to provide healing benefits to any client suffering from muscle pains caused by injury, overuse  or stress. The practice  is  non-invasive, safe, and can be tailored to suit anyone’s needs.  In cases of injury , massage will help to ease the tension within the muscles, which aids in  allowing blood flow to increase and repair the area in need of attention. The therapy  will support  a healthy nervous system and help resolve emotional distress by increasing  hormone production of serotonin and dopamine within the brain. Therapeutic massage is right for you if you want to heal specific areas of the body,  or simply desire  to maintain low stress levels from daily living, by reducing cortisol levels within the brain. Ultimately it has great potential to heal, provide relaxation, and act as a beautifully transformative experience  .

I am well versed in Swedish massage, Trigger point Therapy, sports massage, shiatsu and polarity technique. Bancroft School of Massage provided me with a strong ethical standpoint, and the necessary understanding of how the musculature system interacts with and affects all other systems within the body. My skills and practice have evolved due to my studies with talented body workers, learning from  my own experience of what works and what does not, my constant quest for more information about my art form,  and a commitment to developing and trusting my own intuition.

The human body is a system which is comprised of body, mind, and energy. These aspects of our selves interact to either be within balance, which provides great health, or function improperly,  putting the  whole system out of balance. Distress within one aspect of the body system  creates distress within every aspect of the system, health within one aspect encourages health within every other aspect.. We either function in a state of “ease” or “disease” dependent on how well the body, mind and energy are functioning together. Massage therapy provides an effective tool to be used to help repair the physical body directly, but also has great impacts on the mental and energetic properties held within the body. Please contact me for a consultation to see if massage therapy or Craniosacral Therapy is right for you.

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